Photography is Changing

For much of its history, photography has pervaded our world, but never more so than today, when non-stop technological innovations make it ever easier to take photographs and share them instantaneously. How does that affect their meaning? Our belief in their veracity? And where in the midst of all these images and new technologies does art reside?

Thought Leaders Converge

Favoring an approach that is experimental and open to new perspectives, the Hillman Photography Initiative is driven by the collaboration of five “agents,” consisting of four external experts and Carnegie Museum of Art curator Tina Kukielski. The agents work together to explore intersections among artistic practices and technological research.

Innovation is Born

The Initiative will follow a 12-month cycle, beginning with an intense three-month planning period during which the agents will work together to identify a key theme that will inspire a wide range of activities. Projects will break down barriers to participation and encourage participants to see the museum, and photography, in a new light.